Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Week Four, Thing 9: MERLIN

So adding MERLIN to my feeds was simple enough. I looked around the site a bit and it seems interesting. Although I had to laugh when I saw the link to Second Life. Let's just say I've heard enough about Second Life to be pretty sure I want nothing to do with it...

Searching for feeds was a bit frustrating. Most of the sites I went to--feedster, topix, and syndic8, seemed to throw ads at me no matter what I searched for. I find that kind of thing off-putting, and I'm not into information overload. Most of my internet bookmarks are sites I found through links on sites I already enjoyed, or were suggested to me by friends. I'm just not the type to go looking for up-to-the-minute headlines all the time.

Technorati was the only site that seemed useful. It was all blogs, so I didn't get links to ads, and some of the links were interesting. Nothing I'd want to bookmark, though.

1 comment:

Paula said...

Hi Rachel,
I had never heard of Second Life before this exercise. Wow! How strange that you can actually have a virtual existence, even with virtual bills! I agree with you, count me out!
Love your blog!! Way cool.