Sunday, November 25, 2007

Week Eight, Thing 19: Web 2.0

For my Web 2.0 exploration, I decided to look at It's a site I've known about for a while, mostly because people mentioned "digging" articles I'd found and liked. When I saw it listed on the Web 2.0 awards, I decided it was time to have a look.

I can honestly say that is the first new site I've found so far that I might incorporate into my daily reading. It's a collection of articles and videos submitted by users. These items go into the "upcoming" category where people can look at them and choose to "digg" them. If they get enough digs, they become "popular" and go to the main page. The site even has the items broken up into categories like "news," "entertainment," and my personal favorite "comedy videos."

This site is great. It's almost like youtube, only it's guaranteed to be only videos that people have liked, bypassing all the junk you often have to sift through on that site. Searching by category also guarantees that you only find what's relevant to you.

I also like the idea that I could have the chance to "vote" for articles I enjoy from my favorite websites. This aspect of sharing and promoting what I enjoy is, to me, the best part of Web 2.0.

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