Friday, November 16, 2007

Week Six, Thing 13:

Heheheh. Geek humor.

I found this picture on lolcats, a website listed under's "humor" tag. I was pleased to find a lot of sites I already knew about under the tag, and a few I didn't.

I'd known what tagging was before exploring I'd seen it mainly used on Youtube and Livejournal, as a way to find related posts or videos. Tagging is very useful on Youtube, because if you can't remember the exact title of the video you're trying to find, odds are good that your search will fit one or more of the tags someone created for it instead.

I'd never thought of tags as a useful research tool before, but now I see how they can be like a folder of shared information about a topic. Interesting!

In the spirit of things, I've even tagged this post. Yay!

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