Monday, November 26, 2007

Week Nine, Thing 23: Final Thoughts

Well, here I am at the end of 23 Things.

It's been fun, and I definitely learned more than I expected to at the start. I really liked Flickr, and will definitely explore it for pictures in the future. Library Thing is fun and addictive. I also love the idea of doing more with wikis in the workplace--the library could really benefit from these, I think. And, the site I explored for Web 2.0, is one I will definitely revisit.

While doing my 23 Things, I also learned how to create hyperlinks and embed video into my blog, two things I've always been curious about. While 23 Things didn't teach me these "things" directly, the program gave me the motivation to set up a blog and begin my own learning process, which is perhaps most valuable of all. Thanks to 23 Things, I'm seriously considering setting up a blog or livejournal account in the future--something I'd never thought I'd say (err, type.)

Thanks 23 Things! It's been fun!

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