Friday, November 16, 2007

Week Six, Thing 14: Technorati

Here's the thing: technorati and I, much like RSS feeds and I, just don't mix, personality-wise.

Both of them begin with the premise that you are actively looking for more information, and I, for one, am not actively looking for more websites or blogs to add to my daily reading. For me, the process of collecting bookmarks is organic--it grows out of a network of sites or other sources I already trust. I guess the difference is like hearing about a great movie via word of mouth vs. finding it on a "if you liked this, you might like..." list on imdb.

Further, I'm definitely not the type to want to add my blog to technorati, even if I did understand the html to do it. I'm just now getting courageous enough to have a blog in the first place, let alone know that millions of people might see it!

It was interesting to look at the blogs that came up under their "humor" tags, though. I'm so predictable.

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